Music Faculty

Richard Johnson, Jr.

Assistant Professor

B.M., West Chester University
M.M., University of Hartford
D.M.A., Univ of Missouri - Kansas City

Richard Johnson is a multimedia artist and composer whose interest in music was piqued during a childhood heavily impacted by film. Equal parts Kurosawa and Spielberg combined to create his ongoing interest in culture and history, the music of Takemitsu and Williams, and an obsession with mystery, adventure, and storytelling. This blend of interests is most clearly present in his set of pieces for soloists, electronics, and video entitled Quaerere Sententias.

Richard's work has been performed throughout the United States and internationally, and has been presented at events such as the SEAMUS National Conference, International Computer Music Conference, the National Flute Association Annual Convention, Electronic Music Midwest, Electro-Acoustic Barn Dance, SCI conferences, Thailand International Composers' Festival, and the Festival Internacional Punto de Ecuentro in Spain.

In 2012, Richard received his DMA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he studied with Chen Yi, James Mobberley, Paul Rudy, and Zhou Long. He also holds degrees from the Hartt School at University of Hartford (MM) and West Chester University of Pennsylvania (BM).

Phone: 443-412-2649

Janice Mahinka

Assistant Professor

B.M., University of Bridgeport
M.A., Boston University
M.Ph., The Graduate Center CUNY
Ph.D., The Graduate Center CUNY

Janice Mahinka values the thrills and challenges of teaching as much as the thrills and challenges of research. "I want to empower students to become active and confident participants in the learning process, while understanding the interconnectedness of individuals within their communities-both locally and globally," says Mahinka, who strives to create inclusive classrooms and workspaces, as well as provide relevant and inspiring curricula for students through a variety of methods, including Open Educational Resources/Zero-Cost Textbook course designs. "I think it's important to value the knowledge and experiences that students bring to the classroom," she says. "I also encourage students to build learning communities, much in the way we all gather around the things that interest or challenge us."

She has taught Western art music surveys (major and non-major); surveys of world, African-American, and U.S. popular music; and writing-intensive courses in Western art and world music through cross-cultural investigations of affect. She simultaneously emphasizes cultural and musical (especially formal and metric/rhythmic) contexts of all music practices, as well as values live music experiences both in and out of the class room. She believes strongly in building ways to articulate and convey music affect and experience since we share the depths and meaning of music through multiple methods of communication, including verbal and written forms.

Janice Mahinka was awarded the 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award at The Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York (CUNY), where she taught as Adjunct Lecturer for five-and-a-half years. She also taught several semesters at Hunter College, CUNY between 2011 and 2017. She began as Assistant Professor of Musicology at Harford Community College in Fall 2018.

Her dissertation research focused on how improvisatory social partner dancers express and embody their musical knowledge of salsa. Her masters work focused on the role of late nineteenth-, early twentieth-century music critic Philip Hale. Her work on the culturally specific term sabor has led her into cross-cultural analysis of similar terms for musical affect.

She has presented papers and workshops at the Society for Ethnomusicology annual conferences in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017; Boston Public Library; and, most recently, The City Music Analysis Conference in the summer of 2018 and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology conference in April of 2019.

Janice Mahinka received her PhD in Ethnomusicology from The Graduate Center at the City University of New York in 2018. She also holds a Master of Arts in Musicology from Boston University and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Bridgeport.

Phone: 443-412-2290