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Excel Basics
This class will review the basics of Microsoft Excel through hands on learning.

Topics for class: --Moving around in a worksheet (Ctrl Home, Ctrl End, etc.) --Editing cells --Changing row heights --Adding and deleting rows --Cell merging & Cell formatting --Basic formulas (Sum, Count, etc) --Sorting data --Deleting duplicate data --Page Set Up functions (fitting to page, printing titles, adding page numbers, gridlines, etc.)
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Located in room: E215

This class is no longer available (The class has already passed)

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 Name  Signup Date
 Cavanaugh, Mary  6/13/2019 1:27:10 PM
 Petty, Donna  6/12/2019 11:53:38 AM
 Reeder, Chelsea  6/12/2019 11:47:56 AM
 Weldon, Kathleen  6/12/2019 11:53:05 AM
 Bowman, Barbara  6/10/2019 12:11:48 PM
 O'Connor, Pamela  6/12/2019 12:54:12 PM
 Custis, Barbara  6/10/2019 12:12:03 PM
 Martinkus, Nadine  6/12/2019 3:07:17 PM
 Gallihue, Suzanne  6/12/2019 7:21:17 PM
 Austin, Jennifer  6/12/2019 3:59:53 PM
 Dempsey, Lisa  6/12/2019 4:27:33 PM
 Laurentius, Melissa  6/13/2019 11:39:25 AM
 Comer, Patricia  6/12/2019 3:17:54 PM
 Johnson, Beth  9/19/2019 1:37:51 PM
 Tildon, Frankie  6/12/2019 11:55:52 AM

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