Change of Academic Intent Form

(Use this form to declare or change program of study)

Students are strongly advised meet with an academic advisor before changing their program of study or status to discuss the effects of a change.

Declare or Change Program of Study

Students who officially change their educational goal from taking courses to seeking a degree or certificate or who wish to change their program of study must follow the full program of study as published in the current College Catalog.

Double Majors - Students have the option of declaring more than one program of study with the exception of students who have declared the following programs: General Studies and Technical Professional Studies. If you have declared a double major, both programs must follow the same College Catalog year.

If the College revises a program, students may follow the program requirements in effect at the time of admission/readmission or they may follow the program requirements as published in the current College Catalog. To follow the current College Catalog or to request to follow a previous College Catalog, students must complete a paper Change in Academic Intent form available in the Registration and Records Office.

Policies regarding graduation requirements and declaration of program may be found in the College Catalog.

Students who have not consulted with an advisor accept responsibility for official changes.

Course substitutions, waivers, or in-residency appeals approved under a student's previous program will NOT apply to the new program. Students may submit appropriate appeals under the new program by completing and submitting an Academic Appeals form to the Registration and Records Office.

Students may submit a Request for Transcript Re-evaluation form if they wish to have transcripts re-evaluated for consideration of additional transfer credits under the new Program of Study.

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Self-advised students accept responsibility for the above changes and understand the effects these changes will have on their educational goals.

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