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Invitation for Bids

Number Title (click for Details and Specifications) Closed
IFB 14B-004Audio Visual Systems and Equipment for NAH Building5/21/2014
IFB 15B-011Audiovisual Equipment Upgrades at the University Center7/9/2015
IFB 15B-007Construct a Pole Barn4/10/2015
IFB 15B-003Construction of a New Asphalt Parking Lot - T Lot1/26/2015
IFB 14B-005Construction of a New One-Story Building-Hickory Center5/23/2014
IFB 16B-006 Copy Center Area Interior Renovations2/11/2016
IFB15B-004Edgewood Hall Renovation and Expansion9/16/2015
IFB 16B-004Entrance Two Right Turn Lane Construction2/17/2016
IFB 16B-005Fence Fabric Removal and Replacemnt-Softball Field2/9/2016
IFB 15B-008 Parking Lot and Roadway Improvements4/23/2015
IFB 16B-002Parking Lot and Roadway Improvements/Repairs 20152/18/2016
IFB 15B-002Paving Observatory Road and Parking Lot7/15/2014
IFB 15B-001Removal & Replacement of Susquehanna Bldg Roof7/16/2014
IFB 16B-003Spring House Restorations2/2/2016
IFB 15B-006Telecommunications Cabling Infrastructure Upgrade3/20/2015
IFB 15B-009Telecommunications Cabling Upgrade Phase 2 Hickory Bldg4/27/2015
IFB 15B-005Underground Domestic Water Line Repairs3/9/2015
IFB 16B-001Walkway Lighting Upgrade2/4/2016

Request for Proposals

Number Title (click for Details and Specifications) Closed
RFP 16P-008Artificial Turf Replacement - Stadium Field4/27/2016
RFP 16P-004Auditing Services 12/16/2015
RFP 15P-006Complete Replacement of Fencing on HSC Softball Field10/14/2014
RFP 16P-005Copiers, Multifunctional Devices, Print Managment and Support Services 20151/20/2016
RFP 16P-007Facilities Master Plan Development Services 20164/28/2016
RFP 14P-017Furnish/Install New High Definition AV Technology Upgrade for Joppa Hall J115 Classroom5/13/2014
RFP 16P-003Grants (Federal) Consultant/Evaluator Services11/2/2015
RFP 15P-004Install Audio Visual Equipment at Nursing and Allied Health Building9/16/2014
RFP 15P-001Maintenance/Repair HVAC Systems8/26/2014
RFP 16P-002Market Research and Analysis Services (Comprehensive)10/7/2015
RFP 15P-005Payment Gateway Solution and Payment Processor Services12/12/2014
RFP 15P-010President Search Consultant Services4/30/2015
RFP 16P-001Printing Noncredit Class Schedules 20167/21/2015
RFP 15P-009Ticketing Solution (Full Service)4/15/2015
RFP 14P-016Wellness and Health Promotion Program Services5/6/2014

Request for Quotes

Number Title (click for Details and Specifications) Closed
RFQ 16Q-003Chilled Water Pump Installation-Student Center11/11/2015
RFQ 15Q-017Cisco Equipment Hickory Building4/27/2015
RFQ 15Q-020Cisco Switches and Smartnet5/26/2015
RFQ 16Q-014Directional Conduit Install at HSC4/27/2016
RFQ 16Q-017 Projectors and Associated Equipment for Edgewood Hall5/24/2016
15Q-006 Projectros and Associated Equipment - NAH Building8/15/2014
RFQ 16Q-022Storm Water Management Pond Repairs6/7/2016
RFQ 16Q-001Voddio Production Camera Equipment and Accessories7/2/2015
RFQ 15Q-018Xirrus Equipment Hickory Building4/23/2015

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