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Award: Associate of Applied Sciences Degree
No. of credits required: 
For more information: Contact Dr. Ben Fisler, 443-412-2644,; or Admissions, 443-412-2109.

The Theatre: Design/Production A.A.S. degree offers students the opportunity to learn, train, and gain the specialized technical and artistic skills required to execute contemporary theatrical productions. Harford Community College faculty work with each student to create an artistic point of view within a professional work ethic appropriate for the theatre.

The major in Theatre: Design/Production is time-consuming and physically demanding. Participation in productions is a part of the educational program. All majors must participate in theatre activities on weekends and during the evening.

Between traveling road shows that perform at The Amoss Center and College and community productions on the thrust stage of the Chesapeake Center, students have the opportunity to work in all forms of theatre such as plays, musicals, mime, and children’s drama.

Upon completion of the Associate of Arts in Theatre: Performance / Associate of Applied Sciences in Theatre: Design/Production degree students will be able to:
  1. Successfully transfer to a four-year institution.
  2. Perform specific, marketable skills in theatre.
  3. Demonstrate professional standards of behavior .
  4. Apply appropriate performance or production skills to a variety of theatrical projects.
  5. Use appropriate resources to identify jobs and training opportunities in theatre.

# Upper-Level Theatre Courses (Choose Four)
 THEA 201Fundamentals of Play Directing 3
 THEA 202Scene Design 3
 THEA 204Costuming 3
 THEA 205Stagecraft II 3
 THEA 223Makeup for the Performer 3
 THEA 273Cooperative Education III Theatre **3

** Students should contact Advising, Career and Transfer services for permission to register for Cooperative Education courses, 443-412-2301.

Graduates may transfer to such institutions as Towson University and University of Maryland campuses in Baltimore County and College Park. Students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should check the requirements of that institution. If they are significantly different from the courses listed, students should consult with an advisor for academic guidance as early as possible in their academic career.

Graduates of this program, with close professional advising and job networking provided by the faculty, find employment opportunities with performing arts organizations and a variety of businesses and promoters involved in theatre, film, television, broadcasting, and news media.


Recommended Course Sequence

First SemesterCredits
ART 101Fundamentals of 2D Design 3
ENG 101English Composition 3
PSY 101General Psychology 3
THEA 101Introduction to Theatre 3
THEA 104Stagecraft I 3
Physical Education Elective 1
 Semester Total16
Second Semester Credits
ART 108Digital Media Culture 3
CADD 101Introduction to CADD 3
THEA 279Theatre Workshop I 1
Mathematics Elective **3
Upper-level Theatre Course #3
 Semester Total13
Third Semester   Credits
ART 122Color: Art, Science & Culture 3
CADD 102Intermediate CADD 3
THEA 106Script Analysis: From Page to Stage  
DRAM 203Survey of World Drama 3
THEA 280Theatre Workshop II 1
Biological/Physical Lab Science Elective 4
Upper-level Theatre Course #3
 Semester Total17
Fourth Semester Credits
ART 203Art and Architecture in the United States 3
DRAM 204Survey of Modern Drama 3
THEA 281Theatre Workshop III 1
General Elective 1
Upper-level Theatre Courses #6
 Semester Total14

* THEA 106 Script Analysis is required for students intending to transfer to Towson University.
**Students may substitute a four-credit mathematics elective.

Courses in this program may require field trips.