Award: Certificate in Biotechnology
No. of credits required: 
For more information: Contact Jaclyn Madden, 443-412-2046, jmadden@harford.edu (August 15 June 15); and stem@harford.edu or Admissions, 443-412-2019, admissions@harford.edu (year-round).

The Biotechnology Certificate program prepares students in the techniques and skills needed for entry-level bioscience laboratory work. By stressing the basic principles of the natural and physical sciences, with strong emphasis on biotechnology and analytical techniques and applications, the program prepares students for semiprofessional employment in biotechnology, chemical, and biological laboratories. The certificate also lays the foundation for more advanced education in the sciences, and will allow students with a previous degree in the sciences to obtain the skills necessary for employment in the rapidly-expanding biotechnology sector. The bioscience/biotechnology industry is expected to continue to experience growth and to remain a high priority in Maryland.

Upon completion of the Biotechnology Certificate, the student will be able to:
  1. Describe and explain concepts in biotechnology and the biomanufacturing process.
  2. Practice professional integrity and competency integral to biotechnology research, industry, and ethics.
  3. Design, organize, and manage a laboratory notebook including protocols and experimental results.
  4. Perform basic laboratory skills essential for following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs), and laboratory safety.
  5. Collect, analyze and interpret scientific data, using computer technologies and established research and statistical methods.
  6. Use and apply the scientific method to develop, organize, execute and interpret experiments in a logical and timely manner.
  7. Communicate effectively in oral and written English.
  8. Evaluate the effects of biotechnology on society.
  9. Illustrate the potential for teamwork by working effectively with others.
  10. Employ laboratory methods and techniques required by emerging technologies in the field of biotechnology.

 NumberTitle Credits
 BIO 120General Biology I 4   
 BIO 124Foundations of Biotechnology 3   
 BIO 125Laboratory Methods for Biotechnology 1   
 BIO 208Genetics 4   
 BIO 126Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology 4   
 BIO 127Biomanufacturing and Biosafety 2   
 CHEM 111General Chemistry I 4   
 CHEM 112General Chemistry II A 4   
 MATH 216Introduction to Statistics 4   
 Biotechnology Certificate Electives #4   
 Total Credits34  

# Biotechnology Certificate Electives
(Choose four credits)
 BIO 205Microbiology 4
 BIO 191Independent Study: Biology * 
 BIO 192Independent Study: Biology * 
 BIO 193Independent Study: Biology * 
 BIO 194Independent Study: Biology *1-4
 BA 210Business Computer Applications 3
 CHEM 204Analytical Chemistry 4

NOTE: It is recommended that students complete the REQUIRED COURSES for the biotechnology certificate in the sequence they are listed.

* For the Independent Study: Biology course contact STEM division dean for more information.


Students earning a certificate from HCC must complete or demonstrate exemption from the following courses: ENG 003 and ENG 012, or ENG 018, and MATH 020. See graduation requirement details in this catalog for further information.