Award: Certificate in Business Management
No. of credits required: 
For more information: Contact Maurice Brown, 443-412-2466, mabrown@harford.edu; or Admissions, 443-412-2109.

The Business Management Entrepreneurship Certificate is designed to enable students to obtain knowledge, skills, and competencies in the challenging business field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Students completing the certificate in Entrepreneurship are able to combine the credits earned to complete an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree to satisfy their individual career goals.

Upon successful completion of this certificate program of study students will be able to:
  1. Examine different types of business systems, organizations, management practices and theories related to entrepreneurial enterprises.
  2. Use information technology applications to develop business solutions related to entrepreneurial enterprises.
  3. Demonstrate entrepreneurial problem-solving skills in business decision making.
  4. Prepare for Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) degree in Business Management.

 NumberTitle Credits
 BA 101Introduction to Business 3   
 BA 110Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3   
 BA 112Business Innovation Economics 3   
 BA 206Entrepreneurship and Small Business 3   
 BA 246Legal Environment of Business 
 BA 205Business Law 3   
 OS 136Introduction to Bookkeeping: Quickbooks 3   
 BA 210Business Computer Applications 3   
 BA 245Contemporary Issues in Business 3   
 Total Credits24  

An entrepreneur is an individual who undertakes the responsibility of creating and organizing a new business venture to bring an idea, a good, or a service to market. Successful entrepreneurs employ critical business knowledge and skills to create a business and effectively overcome challenges that face their establishment. Consequently, entrepreneurs also assume the risk and accountability associated with establishing a business venture. Statistics demonstrate that even innovative small businesses suffer high risk of failure because of ineffective management decisions.

Statistic show that a majority of small businesses fail in the first year of operation primarily because of ineffective management and undercapitalization. Small businesses are critical to the economic survival of Harford County and the State of Maryland at large. According to the 2016 Kauffman Foundation report, Entrepreneurship: The Key to a New Era of American Growth and Opportunity, “entrepreneurism will be the primary source of new job creation.”


Students earning a certificate from HCC must complete or demonstrate exemption from the following courses: ENG 003 and ENG 012, or ENG 018, and MATH 020. See graduation requirement details in this catalog for further information.

Business Management - Entrepreneurship
Program Level - Undergraduate certificate
Program Length – 1 year

Occupations: General and Operations Managers
CIP Code: 52.0701
SOC Code: 11-1021.00
Link to O*Net: http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/11-1021.00

*How much will this program cost me?
In-State (in-county) Tuition and fees: $3,992.00
Out-of-State Tuition and fees: $6,165.00
Books and supplies: $1,933.00
On-campus room & board: not offered

*The amounts shown above include costs for the entire program, assuming normal time to completion. Note that this information is subject to change.

What financing options are available to help me pay for this program?
Financing for this program may be available through grants, scholarships, loans (federal and private) and institutional financing plans. The median amount of debt for program graduates is shown below:
Federal loans: *
Private education loans: *
Institutional financing plan: *

* Less than 10 graduates received loans. Median amounts are withheld to preserve the confidentiality of the loan recipients.

How long will it take me to complete this program?
The program is designed to take 18 months to complete. Of those that completed the program in 2016-2017, *% finished in 18 months.

*Less than 10 students completed this program in 2016-2017. The number who finished within the normal time has been withheld to preserve the confidentiality of the students.

What are my chances of getting a job when I graduate?
The job placement rate for students who completed this program in 2016-2017 is *%.

* This institution is not currently required to calculate a job placement rate for program completers.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Template: http://ww2.harford.edu/gedt/52.0701-GEDT.html