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2016 - 2017 Credit Catalog

Student Support Services


The Office of Admissions promotes and supports the mission and vision of a community college education to prospective students within the community. Our staff will assist you with application process to the college, and assess your needs and goals in order to refer you to the appropriate programs and services. Family and friends of new students are encouraged to visit the Parent webpage on the college website for information on ParentsConnect, a program designed to assist parents and families on how they can support their student.For information please contact the Office of Admissions by calling 443-412-2311 or by visiting the Admissions website for more information.

Advising, Career, and Transfer Services

Advising, Career and Transfer Services provides individual assistance with academic and career planning, career decision making, and study skills.  The office provides information about academic program requirements, College policies, and transfer institutions, as well as help with resume writing and interviewing skills. For more information, please call 443-412-2301 or visit Advising, Career, and Transfer Services website.

Alumni & Friends

Your relationship with Harford Community College doesn't have to end with the completion of your classes. The Alumni and Friends Association works to keep alumni connected to the College by offering programs, benefits and services and involving the alumni in the promotion, advancement and support of the College's mission and goals. We like to acknowledge the accomplishments of our Alumni through the Athletic Hall of Fame and the Distinguished Alumni Award. Our signature program, the Winter Wine Expo, is a fun way to stay connected with HCC.

Membership is free and is open to anyone who has taken a course at Harford.

For additional information, please call 443-412-2102 or visit Alumni & Friends website for more information. Click on "Update your information" to stay connected with Harford Community College.


The Harford Fighting Owls athletic program encompasses the Susquehanna Center building, APG Federal Credit Union Arena and the Harford Sports Complex outdoor facilities. A wide array of offerings are available in varsity athletics, club and recreational sports, intramurals, various fitness and wellness offerings, as well as the excitement of spectator opportunities for the Fighting Owl teams.

HCC offers 13 intercollegiate, varsity teams as a Division I member of the National Junior College Athletic Association. The intercollegiate athletic program provides the opportunity for eligible student-athletes to represent the institution in high-level competition, while enhancing their educational experience in areas of skill development, teamwork and sportsmanship. For further information please contact the Athletics Office at 443-412-2226 or by visiting the webpage at http://www.harfordathletics.com

Access to the Fitness Center during Open Recreational hours is specific to the student's semester of enrollment. The Fitness Center offers individual exercise program instruction designed to facilitate independent Fitness Center usage. A valid Harford Community College I.D. card must be swiped through the electronic scanner upon entry into the Fitness Center. For additional information, including Open Recreation hours, go to the Fitness Center webpage or call 443-412-2370.

Additional athletic spaces within the indoor and outdoor complex include the Arena court, auxiliary gymnasium, dance studio, multi-purpose rooms, swimming pool, stadium and practice fields, baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, and a walking track.

College Store

The College Store rents and sells new and used textbooks as well as a wide variety of merchandise. For further information please contact the College Store at 443-412-2209 or by visiting the College Store webpage.

Course material requirements can be found in the online schedule (by clicking on the CRN and using the Locate Books link at the bottom of the window) and within OwlNet by accessing the view/prnt my schedule link on the My Academic Life tab.

Dining Services

Harford Community College's Dining Services' provides food services for the employees and students of the college (hot/cold entrees, sandwiches, drinks, etc.) as well as a second location in Joppa Hall. For further information please contact Dining Services at 443-412-2216 or by visiting the Dining Services webpage.

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services is available to assist students with documented disabilities access all the educational opportunities and services offered by the College. The staff will provide assistance with using assistive technology and adaptive equipment. Our DSS team can provide consultation and support to faculty and staff. For further information please contact Disability Support Services at 443-412-2402 or by visiting the Disability Support Services webpage.


eLearning offers student assistance with Blackboard/OwlNet and eLearning resources.  For more information, please call 443-412-2256 or visit the eLearning webpage.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to help you meet your financial needs. The financial aid staff is available to assist you with the financial aid application process. The department also assists with veteran's benefits programs, federal and state aid programs, and scholarships. For further information please contact the Financial Aid Office at 443-412-2257 or by visiting the Financial Aid webpage.

Learning Center

The Learning Center offers walk-in, group, online and scheduled learning sessions for most courses offered at HCC. Assistance is available for specific course content, learning strategies, and good study habits. For more information, please call 443-412-2427 or 443-412-2429 or visit the Learning Center webpage.


The Library offers students assistance with library resources and research (including one-on-one research consultations), as well as access to computers for student use (including access to course-specific software in the Library Computer Lab), video viewing, group/individual study rooms, and print, audiovisual, and digital resources.  For more information, please call 443-412-2268 or visit the Library webpages.

Registration and Records

The Registration and Records Office offers information on enrollment application, registration and OwlNet.  This office also processes transcript and enrollment verification requests, graduation and nursing program applications. For further information please visit the Registration and Records webpage or call 443-412-2222.

Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety Department is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all students, employees, and visitors on College property. The department also provides physical security, investigative services, public safety education, first aid, and other assistance in a professional and courteous manner. For further information please call the Public Safety Office at 443-412-2041.  For emergencies or after normal business hours, call 443-412-2272. Visit the Public Safety webpage for more information.

Services for Veteran and Military Students

This office assists military personnel, military family members, Veterans, Department of Defense and civilian contractor employees and member of the local community with a full range of student services both at APG and on campus.  For more information, please call 410-272-2338 or 443-412-2421.  You may also visit the Student Support for Military and Veterans webpage for more information.

Sexual Misconduct and Assault

Harford Community College will not tolerate sexual misconduct by anyone--employees, students, contractors, or any person on campus or involved with College-related activities. The College has implememted specific measures to ensure tht all allegations of sexual misconduct are investigated and resolved in a timely,discreet, fair and impartial manner. For more information see the Sexual Misconduct and Assault webpage.

Student Activities

Student Activities offers comprehensive programs, activities, community involvement opportunities, and services that enhance the student experience. This office oversees the Student Government Association and registered student organizations. For more information, please call Student Activities at 443-412-2140 or visit the Student Activities webpage.

Also housed in Student Activities is the Soar2Success program and Project Lead.  Soar2Success focuses on the  African American experience here at Harford Community College and includes individual guidance, academic support programming, social programming, and multicultural programming. For more information, please contact Sharoll Love at 443-412-2224 or visit the Soar2Success webpage.  Project Lead is a leadership program designed to build and enhance leadership skills for Harford Community College students.  For more information, please contact Eric Jackson at 443-412-2331.

Student Conduct Services

Student Conduct Services administers the Student Code of Conduct.  The Student Code outlines clear expectations of students as members of the College community, the kind of unacceptable behavior that may result in disciplinary action, and sanctions and disciplinary proceedings utilized when the Student Code is not observed.  The Student Code is designed to provide educational guidance to assist in developing good citizens and to respond appropriately to behavior that interferes with the learning environment.  For more infomration, please call 443-412-2073 or visit the Student Rights & Responsibilities:  Code of Conduct webpage.

Student Intervention and Prevention (SIP)

The SIP Team connects students with needed campus and community resources.  SIP Team members are hand-picked campus employees who through their professional skill set are capable of providing assistance to students in need.  For more information, please call 443-412-2132 or visit the Student Intervention and Prevention webpage.

Test Center

The Test Center offers academic skills assessment, transitional, make-up, eLearning exams.  It is also a site for CLEP, DSST, and division exams.  Testing accommodations are provided as needed.  For more information, please call 443-412-2352 or visit the Test Center webpage.

  HCC 2016-2017 Catalog

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