Test Center

Faculty Instructions for Test Center

The Test Center checks e-mail consistently throughout the day.  The Test Center will print ONE COPY per exam. Please submit multiple copies of exams directly to the Copy Center, and request delivery directly to the Test Center. Please contact the Test Center at 443-412-2061 for assistance. 

Instructor Name  

Instructor Email                     

Instructor Phone Number  

Course Title


Group testing; roster to follow in intercampus mail
Names on tests


Testing by last day of current semester
Testing by closing time on 
Testing on ONLY

 Deadline FIRM?    FLEXIBLE?

 Other deadline instructions:


NO Books or Notes
Textbook only permitted
Notes only permitted
Formula card or notecards permitted; Specify details
Calculator permitted
Scantron answer sheet:  25/25     50/W     50 W/W     100/W     200/W
Blank paper for essays:  Provided by Student     Center      Instructor
DSS Accommodation Required:
    Type of Accommodation:


No time limit
Limit of


RETURN tests to instructor by campus mail.  Mailbox in
RETAIN tests in Center.  Instructor will pick up.  


You may use the browse button to attach a copy of your exam to this web form.

You may submit this form to the Test Center electronically by completing the form and clicking once on Submit.  Test Center staff will print a single copy of attached exam; multiple copies of exams may be mailed via intercampus mail or by USPS to:

Test Center
Harford Community College
401 Thomas Run Road
Bel Air Maryland 21015

Forms submitted without attached exam will be held in instructor file for one week awaiting delivery of exams via campus mail or USPS.

OR you may print this form and complete it by hand to submit with your exams.