Linda Heil
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Bel Air Hall, Room B124
401 Thomas Run Road
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CMST 101  Speech Fundamentals Hybrid

CMST 101 Speech Fundamentals Face-to-Face

Course Description

Students develop skills in this performance-based course of public communication concepts and techniques, including audience analysis, topic selection and research, organization of speech materials, delivery skills, and critical evaluation of speeches.  CMST 101 is offered in three formats: Web-enhanced traditional face-to-face, hybrid, and online. Click here for a SAMPLE Online Syllabus.

CMST 105 Interpersonal Communication

Course Description      Course Objectives       Course Topics

This course explores the basic elements of interpersonal communication and provides students with the foundation for effective dyadic communication skills to establish and maintain personal and professional relationships. Culture and its influence on communication are highlighted throughout the course. Students are provided opportunities to refine their interpersonal communication skills through role-plays and other activities. All assignments must be submitted electronically regardless of the chosen format.

CMST 105 may be offered in two formats: Web-enhanced traditional face-to-face and online. 

CMST 200 Communication Theory

Course Description

This is an introductory course addressing the major theories related to various branches of Communication Studies that includes interpersonal, group, organizational, rhetorical, mass, gender, and intercultural communication. Prerequisites: ENG 101 and CMST 101, 105, or 106.

CMST 210 Group Communication

Course Description

This course examines issues of physical and virtual teamwork. The course challenges students' understanding of their leadership competence and conflict resolution skills. Students explore the relationships among members, the processes they use, and the purposes for which they are together. Prerequisite: ENG 012, ENG 018, ENG 060 or a qualifying score on the writing assessment. 

CMST 230 Nonverbal Communication

Course Description

Students will examine the theory and research in nonverbal communication to help develop nonverbal skills.  Areas of study include body, facial and eye messages, artifactual and space messages, touch communication, paralanguage and silence, and time messages. Prerequisites: ENG 101 and CMST 101, 105, or 106.

ENG 216 Business Communication

Course Description

Designed for the student who must communicate effectively in a business environment, this course emphasizes the principles common to written and oral communication.  Topics include the nature of the communication process; listening , planning, and writing; preparing correspondence, agreements and reports; communicating about employment; records of oral communication; and management of written communication. Prerequisite: A minimum of C grade in ENG 101.

All student assignments must be submitted electronically.






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