OwlMail - Frequently Asked Questions

What about my email has changed?New

Starting Fall 2012, the student email system was upgraded to Microsoft Office 365. All your previous emails under Live@Edu are intact.

With Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft has separated SkyDrive from their Email system. HCC administers your email (OwlMail) which means that whatever your HCC network password is, you use the same password to access your OwlMail regardless of platform (smart phone, browser, Outlook, etc.).

If you have issues with your password for OwlNet and for OwlMail, you may reset your password through OwlNet or call our help desk.

For more information on SkyDrive, go to the FAQ section of SkyDrive.

What's my OwlMail Username & Password?

Your OwlMail username & password is the same that you use to login to OwlNet, your old HCC Email Account and computers on campus. If you do not know or have forgotten your username, then please call our HCC Help Desk at 443-412-2477 and select option #3.

How do I forward emails from OwlMail?

You can forward messages from your new OwlMail account by following the instructions in the YouTube video below:

Forwarding Email from Live.edu

How do I use OwlMail?

The links below will give you some general information about how to use different features of your new email account, such as how to create a message, search your mailbox, setup rules and forwarding, etc...

How do I work with attachments?

Click the link below for information on working with and downloading attachments in your OwlMail account

Working with Attachments

How do I setup Outlook to use my OwlMail account?

If you have Microsoft Outlook on your personal computer, and would like to have your OwlMail account setup as the default account, follow the steps in the link below

Configure Outlook for your OwlMail Account.

How do I use conversation threading?

Click the link below for information on setting up and using conversation threading:

Conversation Threading

I need more info on working with online documents?

Click the link below for information on using online documents in OwlMail:

Why use online documents?

Why use online photos?

Are there any keyboard shortcuts for OwlMail?

Click the link below for a complete listing of keyboard shortcuts you can use in OwlMail:

Live.edu Keyboard Shortcuts

I'm both a Student and Employee, do I get an OwlMail Account?

At this time, OwlMail accounts are only available to students of Harford Community College. If you are both a student and an employee, you will have a GroupWise account, and your address will be myname@harford.edu.

I Have an OwlMail Question Not Listed Here

If you have any additional OwlMail questions that are not listed here, please email HelpDesk@harford.edu