OwlMail Mobile - Frequently Asked Questions

ATTN: Use this External POP Server Name for all devices.

In each of the steps below you will use the External POP Server name:


How Do I Setup OwlMail on My Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod?

You can setup OwlMail on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod by following the steps below.

  1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account. 
  2. Tap Microsoft Exchange. 
  3. You don’t need to enter anything in the Domain box. Enter the information requested in the Email,Username, and Password boxes. You need to enter your full e-mail address in the Email andUsername boxes (for example, tony@contoso.com). 
  4. Tap Next on the upper-right corner of the screen. Your iPhone will try to find the settings it needs to set up your account. Go to step 7 if your iPhone finds your settings.
  5. If your iPhone can’t find your settings, you’ll need to manually look up your Exchange ActiveSync server name. The server name you will use is m.outlook.com
  6. In the Server box, enter your server name, and then tap Next. 
  7. Choose the type of information you want to synchronize between your account and your device, and then touch Save. By default, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar information are synchronized. 


How Do I Setup OwlMail on My Android Device?

You can setup OwlMail on your Android device by following the steps in the link below.

Set Up Exchange E-Mail on an Android Mobile Phone

How Do I Setup OwlMail on My Windows phone?

You can setup OwlMail on your Windows phone by following the steps in the links below.

Set Up Exchange ActiveSync E-Mail on Windows Phone

Set Up Exchange ActiveSync E-Mail on Windows Mobile 6.5

I've tried the above instructions, but it's not working.

If you have tried the steps outlined above for your mobile device but have not succeeded, you may need to change your HCC password.

Click here to change your HCC password, and then try the above steps for your mobile device again.

Can I use Office Online on my Phone?

Office Web Apps works on popular smartphones, such as the Windows Phone and iPhone. Click the link below for more information

Office Web Apps: Works on your phone

I have a Mobile Device Question not listed here.

You can access information on using Mobile Devices with Live@edu by clicking on the link below.

Mobile Phone Setup Reference